Liteye Facility,Capabilities and Sales Process

Liteye's 24,000 Sq Ft Facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art HAAS Automation CNC machine center providing us full production capabilities. We also provide "quick prototyping" utilizing our SLA capabilities, this allows us the ability to create custom solution tailored to your organizations' specific needs. A fully staffed mechanical and electrical engineering department keeps our design engineering in house where quality throughout the entire design process can be maintained.

One of Liteye's new products is the LE-720. This unique HMD is a powerful wearable information delivery tool which allows the user to view detailed full color computer screens that can convey complex information or instructions directly at the point of task. the LE-720 is ideal for areas such as military, medical, aviation, heavy industry, and maintenance


Our highly trained staff has over 50 years of combined experience specializing in technologies to enhance human vision such as OLED and LCD.


Liteye continues its on-going technology development efforts with assistance through government and academic programs as well as strategic partnerships for advance prototyping of future display products

  • Mechanical Design
  • Electronics design
  • Form factor engineering
  • Ruggedization
  • Mounting systems
  • Manufacturing and testing
  • Research and Development
  • Fully Equipped HAAS Machine Center
  • Rapid Prototype SLA

Directly and through our distributors, Liteye sells complete off-the-shelf products as well as creating custom display solutions for organizations in countries world wide.

Partners, OEM's, & Executive Level Customers

Liteye values our strategic alliances with our partners, OEM's, resellers, and fortune 500 customers. Through these world class relationships, Liteye has the capability to provide knowledge, added value, advanced R&D, and rapid response to the needs of organizations worldwide.


If your organization is interested in teaming with Liteye, please contact us at:    720-974-1766

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