Liteye's Series of Aquila Fixed Thermal Cameras

Data Sheets

Compact MMTI 640 Thermal Imager


The Aquila MMTI utilizes a VOx uncooled 17╬╝mpitch 640 x 480 microbolometer resistant to solar damage, and is available in 5 different lens variants.

Compact MMTI 320 Thermal Imager



Ultra small, ultra light, low-power "discrete" short-range Thermal Imager, IP68 rated. Can be deployed into the smallest, most hard-to-get to places and yet is unobtrusive and almost hidden. Available in both 320x 240 and 640x480 resolution.

Rugged Thermal Imager


Ultra RUGGED, low-power, short-range Thermal Imager, IP68 rated. Designed to survive and be deployed in the harshest conditions.

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