Thermal Products

Liteye Systems has a complete line of thermal products and services.

High-performance, rugged, multi-sensor system

…is designed for day and night operations and to survive in the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including continuous salt water spray or blowing sand and rain, as well as direct sun light.

Compact, culvert and rugged fixed thermal cameras

…that come with a wide selection of lenses and a choice of two resolutions. This provides a large selection to chose from for any type of application

Thermal cores with or without lens ready for system integration and special projects.

Thermal specialty products for surveillance and security.

 Customization and design to spec for our customers.

Thermal Video Examples

Sea Port Thermal Image Video

Liteye Systems Aquila 100mm 640×480 Thermal Pan and Tilt

Thermal Video by Liteye

100mm f1 Lens, Tamarisk 640 on a Liteye pan & tilt positioner

Thermal Visible Compare

Venice Airport Installation

25-150mm 640 Thermal

25-150mm Zoom with 640 x320 Sensor Thermal Pan and Tilt positioner at 400 meters.