Integrated Solutions

MMTI Deployment Kit

The MMTI Deployment Kit is standalone Surveillance System with the capability of integration into multi-camera systems. It consists of Liteye’s rugged MMTI Thermal Imager, sophisticated Breakout Box, and Hand Controller allowing control of the Thermal Imager functions.
The IP67 Breakout box facilitates power, protocol and video management, allowing not only for local control and monitoring of video but also providing an output to an encoder for remote monitoring and control. I/O is via four rugged amphenol twist lock connectors with tethered dust caps. Two Breakout box versions are available.

The Hand Controller is compact and designed to be ergonomically friendly allowing for operation with one hand. The in-built 3.5” high resolution display enables the user to view the Thermal Image in the highest quality.
The button configuration is built into a single fascia reducing damage through spillage or moisture. Control is in the form of push buttons and joypad. Two Hand Controller versions are available.
This Surveillance System is very small, lightweight, easy to use and can be deployed in numerous ways as a covert / discrete surveillance system giving you the edge that is needed to SEE day and night.

HMD HMTI Helmet Mounted Thermal Imaging Kit

The HMD-HMTI Kit is a “Hands Free” Thermal Imaging device for demanding applications.
The HMD-HMTI Kit comprises of:
• Liteye’s MTCB Rugged Thermal Imager
• Liteye’s Rugged LE-720A Helmet Mounted Display with Rail Mount System
• A specifically designed ergonomic battery pack and carriage system
The MTCB Thermal Imager is designed to mount to helmets with rails such as the Ops Core FAST Helmet. The mounting system is a quick release system
allowing for easy attachment and removal in the field. The mounting angle of the MTCB itself can also be adjusted.
The already fielded LE-720A rail mount system is also a quick release system. Adjustment
The HMD-HMTI Kit can be configured in the field with the MTCB on the right eye and the LE-720A on the left eye (as it the image opposite) or vice versa.
The system is fully self-contained giving 6 hours of continuous operation from just 2 x CR123 batteries.
This system performs numerous tasks where there is a need for “Hand Free” applications and can give you the edge that is needed to SEE day and night.

Explorer Surveillance System

The Explorer Surveillance System is an integrated sensor system that uses a Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) for the rapid detection of moving targets. The radar automatically cues the EO Camera to stare in the direction of the target, enabling the operator to recognise and identify.
The radar image is viewed via a ruggedised laptop with the camera image on a secondary screen.

Our thermal imaging products work with many third party encoders and control software, please contact us for a compliance list.

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