$2 Million Follow-on Service Contract Awarded to Liteye Systems

Liteye’s Service Division to Provide Support to CUAS Deployed Defense Systems

Centennial Colorado — Liteye Systems, based in Denver Colorado, has received a follow-on contract award from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to provide service and support for deployed counter unmanned defense systems.

The Department of Defense has prioritized counter-unmanned aircraft systems as a defensive platform and working with industry to develop technology and solutions to maximize capabilities domestically and overseas.

“Liteye has CUAS defense systems in operation all over the world, and with Liteye experts providing service and support, the ‘Good-Guys’ will get what they need from us to accomplish their mission,” said Kenneth Geyer, CEO, and Co-Founder of Liteye Systems.

Liteye has been providing service and support for CUAS systems downrange since 2016.  Liteye’s CUAS solutions can be layered with multiple capabilities to Detect, Track, Identify and Defeat a wide range of malicious small UAS threats being encountered today.   The Containerized variant features a state-of-the-art operator suite, hardened for use in any climate, and can easily be moved between locations.  The Liteye services team provides 24/7 reach-back support, training, and system updates to ensure that the systems remain effective against the threats that are continuously increasing in complexity.

“As the threat continues to escalate, drone technology continues to improve, we are diligent about improving Liteye systems, providing on-time delivery, service, and support to our servicemen and women.  We are constantly adding capabilities to remain effective against this evolving threat,” said Geyer.

Liteye Trailer CUAS System
Liteye’s Trailer CUAS systems provide fixed/semi-fixed multi-mission capabilities. https://liteye.com/multi-mission/

About Liteye Systems, Inc. (www.Liteye.com)

Colorado-based, Liteye Systems, Inc. is a world leader and technology solutions manufacturer and integrator of military and commercial Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) systems, manufacture of US AUDS, Drone Sense and Warn Systems, rugged high-resolution head-mounted displays (HMD), augmented sights, thermal surveillance systems, covert surveillance systems, electronic warfare packages, radar systems, and fire control software solutions. With offices in the UK and sales affiliates worldwide, Liteye is protecting critical infrastructure from real-world threats.

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Media Contact:  Marya Mista 

630-991-3711  [email protected]

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