• China Shows New Drone with Two Grenade Launchers

      China has shown off a new military drone that carries two grenade launchers. The weapon appeared during a recent combat exercise in southern China, according to state broadcaster CCTV. The rotary-wing aircraft is also capable of firing guided munitions and conducting various missions, including tactical reconnaissance and midair interceptions, it is reported. Beijing’s latest […]

  • MLB wants the federal government to let clubs use “more robust mitigation efforts” against drones

      “There are additional Title 18 prohibitions and FCC regulations that further restrict the ability to deploy counter-drone technology. MLB is diligently pursuing appropriate federal Congressional action to legally enable more robust mitigation efforts.” There have been five total drone delays in Major League Baseball this season from people flying unauthorized drones over MLB ballparks during games, leading to […]

  • Ministry of Defence is developing weaponised drones armed with SHOTGUNS that can fly indoors and identify targets using ‘machine vision’

    Metre-long drone designed for indoor operations is armed with twin shotguns ‘i9’ has been created in response to casualties suffered in barricaded buildings The drone uses AI to identify its targets while being operated by a remote solider The Ministry of Defence has unveiled a drone armed with twin stabilised shotguns that uses AI to identify its targets. […]

  • Russia Uses ‘Swarm Of Drones’ in Military Exercise

      Three models of drones – Forpost, Orlan-10 and Eleron-3 – were pooled into one group for participation in drills during the command and staff exercise Kavkaz-2020, the Russian Defense Ministry told the media on Thursday. “At the Kapustin Yar proving ground a combined group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) was created. It incorporated Southern […]

  • Dozens More Mystery Drone Incursions Over U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Revealed

      I recently described how a swarm of drones flew in a restricted area at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant on two successive nights last September. A new cache of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) reveals how 24 nuclear sites suffered at least 57 drone incursions from 2015 to 2019 – and Palo […]

  • China’s Drone Carrying Assault Carrier

    What do we know so far about China’s next amphibious assault ship? One of the most recent and fast-moving credible rumors to come from the online communities watching the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is a new landing helicopter dock (LHD) type vessel dubbed the 076. This 076 class LHD was first brought to the […]

  • Jalisco cartel adopts new tactic: drones armed with C-4 explosive

    More evidence has surfaced to indicate the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) is using drones armed with C4 explosives to attack its enemies. A citizens’ militia group in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán, reports finding two drones inside an armored car that cartel hitmen had abandoned after an attempted raid on the city, which borders Jalisco, on July […]

  • The Army Has Unveiled Its Plan For Swarms Of Electronic Warfare Enabled Air-Launched Drones

      The drones will be able to scout ahead, act as decoys, and launch electronic warfare and other strikes directly against threats they find. The U.S. Army has released a detailed look at what it wants from a new family of air-launched multi-purpose unmanned aircraft, which will include types capable of operating as scouts, electronic […]

  • Air Force One Just Had A Near Miss With A Drone According To Reporter Onboard

    The C-32A was descending into Andrews Air Force Base when the incident supposedly took place.   Reports are emerging describing a potential near miss with an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) while the C-32A that President Trump was flying on was making its final approach into Andrews Air Force base on Sunday evening. POTUS was returning […]

  • The CIA Built a Nuclear Bird Drone to Spy on Communists. Now It’s Declassified

      During the Cold War, the CIA considered building a bird-sized drone designed to spy on the communist bloc. The drone would carry “black box” spy packages into Russia and China, as well as take secret photographs—all while hiding in plain sight disguised as a bird. Project Aquiline was eventually canceled, likely due to its technical […]

  • Army advances learning capabilities of drone swarms

      ADELPHI, Md. — Army researchers developed a reinforcement learning approach that will allow swarms of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles to optimally accomplish various missions while minimizing performance uncertainty. Swarming is a method of operations where multiple autonomous systems act as a cohesive unit by actively coordinating their actions. Army researchers said future multi-domain battles […]

  • A random drone over Target Field forced a delay in the Pirates-Twins game

      The 2020 MLB season has already been far from typical. There have been mass postponements due to team-wide coronavirus outbreaks in what was supposed to be a 60-game season. There’s a universal DH now, runners on second base to start extra inning and doubleheaders are seven-inning games. Again, it’s different. Oh, and, apparently, drone […]

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