• The Night A Mysterious Drone Swarm Descended On Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant

      The mysterious case of mass drone incursions over America’s most powerful nuclear power plant that only resulted in more questions and no changes. BY TYLER ROGOWAY AND JOSEPH TREVITHICK JULY 29, 2020 While the news has been filled with claims that strange unidentified craft with unexplainable capabilities are appearing over highly sensitive U.S. installations and assets as of […]

  • Christchurch gunman flew a drone over mosque weeks before March 15 shooting

      Police have admitted the Christchurch mosque gunman could have been planning his attack weeks before March 15. An Official Information Act request by Newshub reveals the shooter flew a drone over the Deans Ave mosque on January 8 – 10 weeks before he would open fire and kill 51 people. He launched it out […]

  • Israeli Video Gives Glimpse Of ‘Spiderman’ Urban Assault Drone

      The IDF’s new combined-arms Refaim (Ghost) Unit completed its first major exercise last week, in a demonstration overseen by IDF chief of staff Lt General Aviv Kochavi. A video of the exercise gives a glimpse of an unusual new drone: a quadcopter which flips over and sticks to a vertical wall and hangs there, before flying off and […]

  • Armenia Demonstrates $150 Million Worth Azeri Drones Shot Down in Border Clashes

      YEREVAN — Armenia’s Defense Ministry demonstrated on Tuesday Israeli-made military drones of Azerbaijan shot down by its anti-aircraft units in last week’s heavy fighting on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. The Armenian military have destroyed or intercepted 13 such unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during the clashes that broke out on July 12 and largely stopped five […]

  • Russian army uses drones to detect targets for howitzers and rocket launchers of artillery units

    According to information released by the Russian MoD (Ministry of Defense on July 15, 2020, Russian army artillery units of the motorized rifle formation of the Eastern Military District deployed in Buryatia destroyed a column of adversary hardware from Grad BM-21 multiple launch rocket systems and 152mm 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled guns using reconnaissance drone at Tsugol range in Transbaikalia, […]

  • Drone Wars Open New Phase Of Conflict In Syria

      Early on July 20, positions of the Syrian Army came under shelling by militants in the villages of Furu, Bahsa and Beit Hassno in the southern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone. In response, government forces struck positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sam near Kansafra and surrounding areas. Local tensions increased just a few days […]

  • Drone-Era Warfare Shows the Operational Limits of Air Defense Systems

    by John V. Parachini and Peter A. Wilson July 2, 2020 While most countries struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, the civil wars in Syria and Libya have become battlegrounds for foreign states backing different local sides. External powers have intervened in both civil wars supplying advanced conventional weapons that have intensified the conflicts, but not all the weapons […]

  • The Weird And Worrying Drone War In The Caucasus

      A forgotten war is gaining new momentum in the Caucasus, as opponents arm themselves with increasingly advanced drone technology for spying and strikes. The alarming implications stretch far beyond a small corner of Eurasia. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, conflict between the newly independent states of Armenia and Azerbaijan flared up over Nagorno-Karabakh, an […]

  • Saudi coalition intercepts drones laden with explosives launched by Houthis

      CAIRO (Reuters) – The Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthis in Yemen said on Monday it has intercepted several drones laden with explosives launched by the Iran-aligned group towards the kingdom, state news agency SPA reported, citing the coalition spokesman. Colonel Turki al-Malki said the drones were targeting civilians, without elaborating. He said several drones were […]

  • STM Defense Technologies Engineering produces autonomous ‘Kamikaze’ Kargu drones for military use

      Anadolu Agency tours state-of-the-art Turkish UAV maker Turkish defense contractor STM, which produces upgraded unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as “kamikaze drones,” opened the doors of its manufacturing facility for the first time to Anadolu Agency. STM Defense Technologies Engineering, which offers Kamikaze drones for use by security forces, continues its efforts for more […]

  • The Houthis have built their own drone industry in Yemen

    The Iran-backed rebels’ new capabilities in UAV technology pose an increased threat to the region, intelligence sources and defence experts say Iranian proxy forces have created their own drone manufacturing industry, increasing threats to the region, defence experts and intelligence sources have warned. There are increased security concerns that Houthi rebels in Yemen are becoming […]

  • CENTCOM chief: US troops can’t keep up with the flood of cheap drones downrange

    U.S. service members deployed to Middle East are unprepared to deal with the rising proliferation of small unmanned aerial platforms among adversaries in the region, the head of U.S. Central Command warned on Wednesday, raising the specter of drone swarms as an looming threat to U.S. forces abroad. “I argue all the time with my Air Force […]

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