Commercial Drones No Longer a New and Emerging Threat

For Immediate Release: September 19, 2019
Marya Mista,  [email protected],  630-991-3711

Commercial Drones No Longer a New and Emerging Threat

Liteye Systems, Inc and Red Six Solutions. Responds to Saudi Drone Attack

Centennial Colorado and Washington DC — The deliberate and calculated drone attack on Saudi Aramco oil facilities is of strategic and global significance Access to inexpensive unmanned aircraft has changed the landscape for malicious activities, heightening the threat to critical infrastructures; airports, energy, agriculture, commercial, government and public venues.

“Incidents and effectiveness of drone related attacks are steadily increasing.  As this trend continues, the next incident will happen, and it could be larger and more destructive,” said Kenneth Geyer, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Liteye Systems, Inc. “Protecting human life and critical assets from nefarious drone use is vital and requires layers of defensive capabilities.  We’ve partnered with expert organizations in industry to bring these solutions to fruition.  Only by integrating multiple levels of security can we hope to defend against attacks such as what happened on Saturday.”

Liteye Systems, Inc. has protected personnel and critical infrastructure against enemy or hazardous use of small drones when our systems first deployed with US forces in Iraq. Those first systems, and many more since, are still in operation today protecting U.S. DoD sites, but little is being done to protect equally important sites like critical transportation, energy and chemical infrastructure.  Layered CUAS systems can prevent another incident.

“US security officials are aware of the seriousness of the situation faced by all critical facilities. There is an urgent need for the government to approve policies and release comprehensive solutions to provide direly needed protection to these high priority assets” said Scott Crino, CEO of Red Six Solutions. 

About Liteye Systems, Inc. (

Located on the front range of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Liteye Systems, Inc. is a world leader and technology solutions manufacturer and integrator of military and commercial Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS), Drone Sense and Warn Systems, rugged high-resolution head mounted displays (HMD), augmented sights, thermal surveillance systems, convert surveillance systems, electronic warfare packages, radar systems, and fire control software solutions… All our cutting-edge solutions feature revolutionary designs in optics, electronics, ergonomics, and form factors that enable a broad range of military and commercial applications. Our research development team delivers sophisticated custom packages for some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies. With offices in the UK and sales affiliates worldwide, Liteye is protecting critical infrastructure from real world threats.

About Red Six Solutions (

Red Six Solutions is the foremost provider of UAS threat reporting and emulation for the United States government, with particular strength in the fast-growing area of sUAS aircraft and tactics. Red Six has provided flight support for almost every entity in the Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence community.  Red Six pilots have flown against virtually every counter UAS system being used by, or being marketed to, the U.S. government and is currently a leading UAS threat assessment provider to the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force. For more information contact: [email protected]


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