Drone attacks against critical infrastructure: A real and present threat

The use of drones as weapons in the Middle East and North Africa has grown rapidly in recent years, especially as non-state actors from the Houthis in Yemen to militants in Syria seek to level the playing field. Often powered by widely available commercial technology, these systems present a real and present security challenge. What should policymakers do to adapt to this new threat? How can they best structure defenses and leverage available technology to protect key assets?

Drone Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure,” by Dr. Scott Crino and Conrad “Andy” Dreby, addresses these questions and more. Crino is founder and CEO and Dreby is director of red-teaming at Red Six Solutions, LLC.

The authors analyze developments in the use of weaponized drones in the Middle East and beyond, exploring how regional policymakers can adapt to mitigate this threat.

A discussion with the authors about this issue brief, including a demonstration of several drones, will be held on Wednesday, May 27. Please RSVP here, and we would welcome your feedback on the issue brief in advance of the discussion. To share your questions for the authors, please contact [email protected].


Article Courtesy AtlanticCouncil.org




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