Drones Outfitted with Explosives Seized in Mexico in ‘Active Terrorism Investigation’


Authorities seized drones outfitted with makeshift explosive devices in central Mexico as part of an active terrorism investigation.

Drones fitted with C4 and other explosives were found in stash houses in the state of Puebla. On April 22, the Office of Mexico’s Attorney General received an anonymous tip about organized criminal activity that could lead to potential acts of terror.

On April 25, authorities obtained search warrants from a federal judge targeting three stash houses in San Andres Cholula, Puebla. Days later, federal agents and military personnel carried out raids.

Authorities seized three drones modified to carry explosives, an undisclosed amount of C-4 explosives, gunpowder, and several homemade explosive devices called “chrysanthemums.” Other items included weapons, ammunition, and communications equipment.

Mexican officials have not released the name of the criminal organization involved, however, Puebla is home to a few increasingly powerful fuel theft gangs.




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