Liteye Systems Announces New Product: SIGNUM, Threat Detection & Targeting System

For Immediate Release: April 27, 2020

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Marya Mista
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Liteye Systems Announces New Product: SIGNUM, Threat Detection & Targeting System

US Manufacture of AUDS (Anti-UAS Defense System) Expands Product Portfolio

Centennial Colorado — Liteye Systems, Inc, a world leader in Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) with over $100M in Government contracts.  Liteye is pleased to announce the introduction of the SIGNUM, Threat Detection & Targeting System to provide accurate and effective targeting data to weapon systems capable of kinetically defeating UAS or similar targets.  Additionally, SIGNUM supports multi-domain Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions along with accurate 3-dimensional targeting.

Working closely in partnership with Numerica, SIGNUM builds upon the backbone developed for the combat proven AUDS CUAS system.  SIGNUM detects movement within an operationally significant range for CUAS kinetic kill systems.  It tracks each individual object, allows an operator to positively ID an object as a target, and provides a 3-dimensional cue at a high refresh rate to a higher-level network, or directly to an integrated weapon station.

“SIGNUM integrates combat proven Radar, Optics, RF Surveillance and Control System components for Multi-Domain Support” said Ryan Hurt, VP of Business Development. Mr. Hurt also explained “Liteye provides a significant layer of the overall solution to Countering UAS and engaging other targets of interest.  Effectiveness increases greatly when SIGNUM is used to cue a kinetic kill weapon to a Positive ID target.  We’ve demonstrated the capability on multiple kinetic systems ranging from High Powered Microwaves to 30mm Cannons and expect these systems to provide significant capability to the warfighter in the future”.

About Liteye Systems, Inc. (

Located in Centennial Colorado, Liteye Systems, Inc. is a world leader and technology solutions manufacturer and integrator of military and commercial Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS), manufacturer of US AUDS, Drone Sense and Warn Systems, rugged high-resolution head mounted displays (HMD), augmented sights, thermal surveillance systems, covert surveillance systems, electronic warfare packages, radar systems, and fire control software solutions. With offices in the UK and sales affiliates worldwide, Liteye is protecting critical infrastructure from real world threats. Liteye Celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020!


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