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More About Mysterious Drones Seen in Rural Areas

  • Jan 16, 2020
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People insist that they have seen fleets of large drones traversing the night sky of rural America, mysteriously their mission, and raising questions that have come together in conspiracy theories and start an investigation.

Colorado authorities have tried to calm those theories and have announced that since November they have not confirmed anything unusual or criminal about dozens of weird drone reports. They were mostly hobby drones, commercial planes, stars, planets and weather phenomena.

The Colorado Department of Public Safety, in collaboration with the local police, did not attempt to investigate sightings of drones in Nebraska or Wyoming.

In the northeast of Colorado, the agency found:

– Of the 90 drone reports received from November 23 to Monday, 14 were smaller drones for hobbyists.

– Of 23 drone reports between January 6 and Monday, a period in which flights from the heat detection aircraft cooperated with ground investigators, 13 were smaller hobby drones, stars or planets, and six were due to well-known commercial aircraft or atmospheric conditions. Authorities were unable to identify pilots from the drones for hobbyists.

– Four confirmed observations out of 23 were not identified.

– A drone that flew during the day near a medical helicopter Flight for Life did not appear to be related to recent observations. Investigators could not confirm that a violation has occurred.

Colorado has more than 24,000 registered drones and pilots reported more than 2,200 drone sightings in Colorado to the FAA in 2018, state officials said in a press release.

Photo: Sangosti/The Denver Post via AP

Source: Associated Press

[Ed. – Meanwhile we understand that profession detection teams have been deployed as per this exclusive statement from Liteye Systems: ]

“Liteye Systems, Inc. was contacted by the Colorado authorities requesting us to join the drone hunt in north eastern Colorado. Within a couple hours one of our teams responded with a counter unmanned system and operators, and is assisting the ongoing efforts. While our team is participating in an active investigation we do not discuss the techniques or technologies employed, but maybe able to in the near future.”


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