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Liteye Systems manufactures and integrates the most effective Multi-Domain/Multi-Mission defense systems providing mission assurance, disrupting malicious UAS, and protecting lives and critical infrastructure.

Liteye SHIELD, the next level of Multi-Mission defense systems, incorporates  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 3D radar, EO/IR, advanced C2 ensuring the Detect, Track, ID, Defeat Kill Chain, to be automated and at machine speed.

Multi-Mission Products

Liteye Shield

The Liteye SHIELD next generation of Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) system constructs an autonomous kill chain with artificial intelligence and machine learning for detect, track and identification for machine speed reactions to ensure both Radio Frequency (RF) controlled UAS and autonomous “Silent Flight” UAS are detected and defeated.


The MDX – Multi-Domain Explorer is a man-portable, multi-domain sensor package that employs 3D radar technology combined with HD EO/IR and cooled MWIR sensors to provide unmatched air and ground surveillance, target acquisition, and tracking for its tactical size and weight.


Threat Detection & Targeting System to provide accurate and effective targeting data to weapon systems capable of kinetically defeating UAS or similar targets. SIGNUM detects and tracks air, as well as ground and surface threats, in 3-dimensions.

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