• The U.S. Army Fears That Drone Swarms Are Too Fast For Humans to Stop. That’s Why Liteye Invented SHIELD

    Written by: Jeremee Alexander, USAF (Ret) – Liteye Systems, Business Development – Defense Solutions When a U.S. Army general warns that drone swarm attacks may be too fast for humans to stop, it’s time to listen. “When you are defending against a drone swarm, a human may be required to make that first decision, but […]

  • Navy Leagues’ Sea-Air-Space Exposition

    Sea-Air-Space 2021Aug. 1-4, 2021Gaylord National Resort & Convention CenterNational Harbor, Maryland The Largest Maritime Expo in the U.S. Sea-Air-Space brings the U.S. defense industry and key military decision-makers together for three days of informative educational sessions, important policy discussions, and a dynamic exhibit hall floor. Liteye is exhibiting – Stay tuned for more news and […]

  • 1st Annual Liteye Live Event

    Private Event: Open to Government & Military Personnel Live Demonstration of Liteye’s SHIELD Multi-Domain Protection System » Live Field Demonstrations» Technology Briefings» Hands-on: Test the system and take on the Red Team Pilots! May 25 & May 26, 2021Briggsdale, Colorado https://liteye.com/liteye-live/

  • Liteye Systems Launches: Liteye SHIELD The Next Generation of Counter UAS Defense

    The Liteye SHIELD Autonomous Kill Chain with dispersed Command and Control provides robust state of the art protection from small UAS, at Machine Speed.    Photo: The Liteye SHIELD Autonomous Kill Chain payload is a customizable Multi-Mission solution  Centennial, Colorado (February 23, 2021) – Liteye Systems, Inc., a US leader in Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems, […]

  • Numerica announces Spyglass, a new 3D radar for C-UAS & short-range defense missions

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. (Feb. 18, 2021) — In response to gaps in the short-range air defense radar market, Numerica, a leader in designing and deploying best-in-class defense technology, announces the development of a new U.S.-made, 3D radar solution for Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) and other short-range defense missions – Spyglass™ Short Range Surveillance Radar. […]

  • Deadly Taliban Attack Probably Used Drone, a Worrisome Shift

      KABUL, Afghanistan — A Taliban attack, most likely carried out by a drone, killed at least four security officers in northern Afghanistan on Sunday, according to senior and local Afghan officials, representing what could be the group’s first publicly known use of the method in the 19-year war. The strike targeted the governor’s compound […]

  • The Pentagon is building a school to teach the force how to defeat drones

    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has identified a lack of institutionalized training when it comes to defeating drone threats and is developing a common regimen across the joint force, according to an official with a new office dedicated to countering small unmanned aircraft systems. The gap was identified during an assessment completed earlier this year and led by […]

  • Arms race underway as rivals defeat drones, deploy technology

    The U.S. military radically changed warfare over the past two decades with its pioneering use of armed drones on the battlefield. That revolution in conflict, however, has sparked an urgent new mission for the Pentagon: to defend against the other guy’s drones. As “unmanned aerial vehicles” become exponentially faster, cheaper, more deadly and more widespread around […]

  • Assault Drone with Full-Auto Glock G18C Scares the $H!T out of People!

  • Russia knocking Turkish drones from Armenian skies

    Moscow has unleashed its ‘Belladonna’ drone killer system in Armenia to counter Azerbaijan’s use of Turkish-made Bayraktar armed drones The electronic warfare system is known as “Belladonna”, a poisonous plant that gets its name from Renaissance women who used its extract for tinctures to dilate the pupils of their eyes, ostensibly to make them more attractive. […]

  • Drone Swarms: Can the U.S. Military Defeat Them in a War?

    Swarms of enemy drones approaching a forward operating base or groups of dismounted soldiers present a unique and increasingly challenging threat. Enemy drones can blanket areas with surveillance, test enemy defenses, jam communications and even themselves become explosives to attack targets. The variety of uses of small drones, and the guidance systems which direct them, can be very difficult […]

  • Death by Drones: Exposing chinks in the enemy’s armour

      Conflict has a strange way of connecting contradictory issues; the Armenia- Azerbaijan war in the Black Mountains has timed itself with a debate raging in the UK regarding the future of the tank. Conflict has a strange way of connecting contradictory issues; the Armenia- Azerbaijan war in the Black Mountains has timed itself with […]