• Russia knocking Turkish drones from Armenian skies

    Moscow has unleashed its ‘Belladonna’ drone killer system in Armenia to counter Azerbaijan’s use of Turkish-made Bayraktar armed drones The electronic warfare system is known as “Belladonna”, a poisonous plant that gets its name from Renaissance women who used its extract for tinctures to dilate the pupils of their eyes, ostensibly to make them more attractive. […]

  • Drone Swarms: Can the U.S. Military Defeat Them in a War?

    Swarms of enemy drones approaching a forward operating base or groups of dismounted soldiers present a unique and increasingly challenging threat. Enemy drones can blanket areas with surveillance, test enemy defenses, jam communications and even themselves become explosives to attack targets. The variety of uses of small drones, and the guidance systems which direct them, can be very difficult […]

  • Death by Drones: Exposing chinks in the enemy’s armour

      Conflict has a strange way of connecting contradictory issues; the Armenia- Azerbaijan war in the Black Mountains has timed itself with a debate raging in the UK regarding the future of the tank. Conflict has a strange way of connecting contradictory issues; the Armenia- Azerbaijan war in the Black Mountains has timed itself with […]

  • C-sUAS symposium highlights threats, base defense

    HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. (AFNS) — At this year’s Counter-small Unmanned Aerial Systems symposium, military and industry leaders came together virtually Oct. 8, to discuss recent developments and challenges in the field of anti-drone technology. Key topics at “Defending and Defeating” included an overview of the newly formed Joint C-sUAS Office, a detailed look at […]

  • DOJ Reports Multiple Drone Violations During Public Events

    The justice department last week issued a report detailing FBI counter drone missions at key special events in what officials called an attempt to draw attention to rogue drone pilots. The report breaks down the events into “National Special Security Events (NSSEs), Special Events Assessment Rating (SEAR) events, and select mass gatherings throughout the country […]

  • Cheap drones versus expensive tanks: a battlefield game-changer?

      The distant conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh has already provided a sharp lesson on how future battles might be fought. The war has been most visibly characterised by ‘kill cam’ footage of drones attacking armoured fighting vehicles, including main battle tanks, as well as unprotected infantry, with devastating […]

  • Liteye Systems Launches the Virtual “Liteye C-UAS (Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Simulator”

    For Immediate Release Media Contact:  Marya Mista 630-991-3711 [email protected] Liteye Systems, Numerica and Aegis Technologies Group Out-Pace the Threat of Newly Developed Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Centennial, Colorado (October 20, 2020) – Liteye Systems, Inc., Numerica and AEgis Technologies Group (AEgis) are pleased to announce the joint development of a high-fidelity C-UAS (Counter-Unmanned Aircraft […]

  • Another Armenian convoy destroyed – Bayraktar TB2 drone continue hitting!

    “Another terrible example of drone warfare!   Liteye and its partners can protect against this.” While reports of Azerbaijan using military drones against Armenia have been doing the rounds for more than a week, Baku has finally acknowledged the use of Turkish and Israeli produced drones to strike in the conflicted region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Reportedly, the […]


      Some terrorist groups overseas are using battlefield experiences to pursue new technologies and tactics, such as unmanned aerial systems and chemical agents that could be used outside the conflict zones. -U.S. Department of Homeland Security1 In September 2013, at a political campaign rally in Dresden, Germany, a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS),2 or “drone,” flew […]

  • China Shows New Drone with Two Grenade Launchers

      China has shown off a new military drone that carries two grenade launchers. The weapon appeared during a recent combat exercise in southern China, according to state broadcaster CCTV. The rotary-wing aircraft is also capable of firing guided munitions and conducting various missions, including tactical reconnaissance and midair interceptions, it is reported. Beijing’s latest […]

  • Liteye Systems Inc. Opens C-UAS Location in Tampa, Florida

    Counter UAS Manufacturer Expands to East Coast Centennial, Colorado – Liteye Systems, Inc., a US leader in Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems, announced the opening of a new location in Tampa, FL to accommodate rapid growth and support the needs of its customers globally. In addition to the corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Centennial, CO […]

  • MLB wants the federal government to let clubs use “more robust mitigation efforts” against drones

      “There are additional Title 18 prohibitions and FCC regulations that further restrict the ability to deploy counter-drone technology. MLB is diligently pursuing appropriate federal Congressional action to legally enable more robust mitigation efforts.” There have been five total drone delays in Major League Baseball this season from people flying unauthorized drones over MLB ballparks during games, leading to […]