Open letter from the CEO of Liteye – Our Response to COVID-19

To our valued Employees, End-Users, Partners, Suppliers:

As we continue to navigate through these uncharted waters associated with COVID-19, I wanted to share some additional information with you about Liteye’s efforts to stay invested in the long-term success, health, and well-being of you and our communities. We are 100% operational and plan to stay that way.

Invested in our future.
Let me begin with what hasn’t changed: Liteye’s commitment to deliver the best damn possible solutions to the warfighter on time. Most of you have been interacting with us at record levels in recent weeks and we are humbled by this. It is important you know that whatever the future brings, Liteye is here to assist. To that end, I encourage you to continue to reach out to our staff.

• Service and Support. Our services team is 100% operational and ready to answer your call or email. Our experts continue to monitor all the systems we have deployed worldwide and are committed to helping you keep them at top operational  readiness. Our Field Service email is [email protected]

• Production. Our production and fabrication teams are working daily to keep production of our counter unmanned defense systems rolling. They are also building head mounted displays, augmented weapons sights, thermal camera, and other devices needed to secure critical infrastructure. We have also opened up our capabilities to our local medical community, offering to build needed medical devices where possible. The Medical Center of Aurora (CO) was the first to take us up on that offer and we delivered much-needed Personnel Protective Equipment which are already being utilized in the operating rooms. If you know of an urgent need out there please reach out to Liteye’s team, we will make every effort to assist where we can!

• Supply line support. Our suppliers are important to us and we want to assist where we can. If you have any concerns  related to a specific order or delivery, please reach out to us. The Liteye team will work with you to navigate any supply chain challenges.

Please know that our dedicated professionals are committed to answering every email and call. We appreciate your patience if it takes us a bit longer than usual to get to your message; we are here to help and I promise we will respond in a timely fashion.

Invested in our people.
The superior service you enjoy is made possible by our amazing team of professionals and we continue to prioritize our responsibility to look after the well-being of all Liteye Team members. To that end, we’ve made it possible for as many of our employees that can, to work from home, and today they are doing just that. This may have a slight impact on how we do business; however, we believe you’ll agree that these precautions are worth it to ensure our people remain safe and healthy.

We have also acted to ensure these dedicated people know how much we—and you— appreciate their service. This week we are paying out over $100k in 2019 employee performance bonuses. In these trying times it would have been easy to just do as many other businesses have done and say, “we are putting all bonuses on hold to conserve cash”, but that’s not  who we are! Our people worked extremely hard and delivered as they promised. We not only owe it to them but to their families to live up to our promises. We are also providing temporary support to any employees who fall ill, or who have family members who do. Additionally, Liteye is not planning to lay off any employees due to COVID-19 or the resulting market volatility. Together we stand COLORADO STRONG and will continue to lead through the COVID-19 recovery!

Invested in our communities.
We are deeply connected to the communities in which we live and work. So today I am challenging our Liteye executives to find ways that we can all help. Should you know of any company, hospital, or front-line early responders in Colorado that need assistance let us know!

Lastly, in a period as tumultuous as this, it may be natural to wonder about the firm that you work for or with. If you are, let me assure you that Liteye is in excellent financial health with a strong balance sheet. Despite volatile markets, our company has been and currently is profitable and we have the resources necessary to ensure we remain LITEYE STRONG.

As always, I am honored that you have chosen to team with us! If there is anything we can do to help meet your needs, please visit us online at, or contact us at 720-974-1766.


Kenneth Allen Geyer
Proud CEO and Co-Founder, Liteye Systems, Inc.
7060 S. Tucson Way, Centennial CO 80134


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