Counter-UAS Detection and Identification System (ADIS)

ADIS - Liteye's Critical Infrastructure Counter-UAS Detection System Designed to DETECT, TRACK, AND IDENTIFY

ADIS is a smart-sensor package capable of remotely detecting small UAS, then tracking & classifying them providing the end-user not only situational awareness, but a forensic tool to assist in apprehension and prosecution of malicious UAS operators.

Because ADIS is a ground surveillance system as well as UAS detection, you have a powerful tool that is capable of capturing UAS pilots, both on radar & video, many times before they even launch.

The system may be used in remote or urban areas to detect UAS being used for terrorist attacks, espionage, or other malicious activities against sites with critical infrastructure.


The ADIS system combines electronic-scanning radar target detection with electro-optical (EO) tracking/classification.

The ADIS Team

The ADIS team has developed a truly standalone solution to the rogue UAS problem. Blighter’s A400 series air security radars are able to DETECT small UAS in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, flying in urban areas or near to the horizon. The Chess Dynamics Hawkeye System and EO Video Tracker, featuring both a long range color camera and a high sensitivity Thermal Imager, tied to a state-of-the-art video tracking technology, allowing it to TRACK the UAS and, combined with radar target information, classify the target. With this information the operator is then able to make a timely and informed decision on the risk level the UAS poses by determining its payload capabilities, camera range, and range of operation. All brought together in USA by Liteye Systems, who integrates, installs, and trains operators out of their Colorado facility.


• Advanced EO sensors & Tracking
• Ground & Air Surveillance Radar

A400 Series Air Security Radar

  • Detection range: 8 km
  • Minimum target size (RCS): 0.01 m2
  • Frequency band: Ku-band
  • Radar type: E-scan Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Doppler Surveillance Radar
  • Power output: 4 Watt
  • Azimuth coverage: 180° (standard) or 360° (optional)
  • Elevation coverage: 10° (M10S antennas) or 20° (W20S antennas)
  • Elevation adjustment: +/-40° using optional Blighter Radar Tilting System (BRTS)

Hawkeye DS & EO Video Tracker

  • Viper Dynamic Positioner:
    – Azimuth: Continuous
    – Elevation: -50° to +60°
    – Max speed: 60° per second
  • Piranha 46 HR Camera:
    – Type: Colour HD 2.3 MP – Optical zoom: x30
    – Digital zoom: x12
    – Focus: Auto
  • Thermal Camera:
    – Type: Gen 3 Cooled
    – Resolution: 640 x 512 pixel – Wavelength: 3 to 5 μm
    – Zoom: 24° to 1.8° FOV
  • EO Video Tracker:
    – Type: Vision4ce digital video tracker and detector
  • Optical Disruptor (Option):
    – Type: 1.4° high intensity beam

Counter UAS rental and leasing programs are now available.


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