C-UAS Event Services

Counter Drone Security Support

Liteye provides support to your department, agency or business for critical infrastructure security during high threat events

  • SkyWall allows a drone to be captured in a net with minimal, if any, damage for post event analysis
  • Liteye provides effective detection, tracking and identification of drone threats

Liteye Support Levels Rendered

Levels can be tailord to meet specific customer needs


(Point Defense)

* Equipment Training
* On-Site Technical Assistance During Event
* After Action Report
Equipment: One (1) SkyWall Patrol System





(Point Defense -Multiple)

* All Basic services listed plus:
* Site Survey for ideal equipment placement
Equipment: Multiple SkyWall Patrol Systems (TBD, as needed)





(Area Defense)

* All Intermediate services listed plus:
* In-Depth Threat Assessment
* A centralized C2 suite for daily ops and situational awareness
Equipment: Multiple SkyWall Patrol Systems and one (1) Anti-Unmanned Aircraft Defense System (AUDS) for detection and tracking of drone threats (Radar & EO/IR capability). 


Protect Your Event, Business or Agency against Drone Threats

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State-of-the-Art Helmet Mounted Displays, Thermal Imaging, Radar Surveillance Equipment and Counter UAS Technology

Liteye is looking for technology and capabilities to help our mission to protect our warfighters and critical infrastructure