C-UAS Event Services

Counter Drone Security Support

Liteye provides support to your department, agency or business for critical infrastructure security during high threat events

  • SkyWall allows a drone to be captured in a net with minimal, if any, damage for post event analysis
  • Liteye provides effective detection, tracking and identification of drone threats

Liteye Support Levels Rendered

Levels can be tailord to meet specific customer needs


(Point Defense)

* Equipment Training
* On-Site Technical Assistance During Event
* After Action Report
Equipment: One (1) SkyWall Patrol System





(Point Defense -Multiple)

* All Basic services listed plus:
* Site Survey for ideal equipment placement
Equipment: Multiple SkyWall Patrol Systems (TBD, as needed)





(Area Defense)

* All Intermediate services listed plus:
* In-Depth Threat Assessment
* A centralized C2 suite for daily ops and situational awareness
Equipment: Multiple SkyWall Patrol Systems and one (1) Anti-Unmanned Aircraft Defense System (AUDS) for detection and tracking of drone threats (Radar & EO/IR capability). 


Protect Your Event, Business or Agency against Drone Threats

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State-of-the-Art Helmet Mounted Displays, Thermal Imaging, Radar Surveillance Equipment and Anti-Drone Technology

Liteye is looking for technology and capabilities to help our mission to protect our warfighters and critical infrastructure