SKYWALL Anti Drone Devices Capture Drones and Protect Assets

Recent reports show the security of high profile individuals have been compromised. Drones have caused serious disruption at highly populated events, celebrities have been besieged by paparazzi drones and prisons across the UK and America have seen a rise in malicious drone related incidents. Critical Infrastructure is at risk from drone attack, threats range from industrial espionage to terrorism. SkyWall is the most effective way to ensure protection, without investment in complex, high cost systems.

Cost Effective Anti Drone Device

The SkyWall range offers counter drone defense against hostile UAS with handheld and temporary or permanent installations. Each subsequent system offers additional benefits such as increased levels of protection and automation, depending on the threat scenario being considered.

SkyWall Patrol is a highly mobile handheld system that allows rapid response to an incoming threat.

SkyWall Auto is a mounted system that can be installed on mobile or fixed assets. It is eco-friendly, can be fully automatic when integrated with detection systems and has the greatest operational range. Detection and target tracking is integrated, facilitating remote operation.

SkyWall Patrol


SkyWall Patrol is a handheld system that gives a mobile operator the ability to physically capture a drone in a specifically designed ‘drone entangling’ net. It uses compressed air to launch a projectile up to the drone after the operator has targeted it using the onboard SmartScope.

SkyWall Patrol can be used as a standalone drone defense system but can also be integrated with a wider security system, using the skylink module, to offer a highly capable counter drone package.

A single SkyWall Patrol system can protect an area or multiple systems can be deployed from mobile units to protect a large site.

SkyWall gives you a physical barrier in the sky. The system can be rapidly reloaded, allowing multiple drone threats to be engaged by a single operator.

SkyWall Auto


SkyWall Auto is an automatic system that can physically capture a drone in a specifically designed ‘drone entangling’ net. It uses compressed air to launch a projectile up to the target drone after the system has automatically identified and tracked it.

SkyWall Auto can be used as a standalone drone capture system but can be integrated with a drone detection and security system to offer a highly capable and easy to operate counter drone solution.

A single SkyWall Auto system can protect a small area and multiple systems can be networked and deployed to protect a large site.

SkyWall Projectiles can carry a range of counter measures. The SP40 includes a parachute which controls the descent of a captured drone. This minimizes the risk of any collateral damage and keeps the drone intact. It allows forensic investigation and enables identification of the operator.

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