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Blighter® Surveillance Systems

Blighter® Surveillance Systems electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provides an integrated multi-sensor package comprising the Blighter electronic-scanning radars, cameras, thermal imagers, trackers and software solutions. Blighter radars combine patented solid-state Passive Electronic Scanning Array (PESA) technology with advanced Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and Doppler processing to provide a robust and persistent surveillance capability. Blighter Surveillance Systems is part of the Plextek Group.

The Blighter electronic-scanning (e-scan) FMCW

The Doppler ground surveillance radar (GSR) is a unique patented product that provides robust intruder detection capabilities under the most difficult terrain and weather conditions. With no mechanical moving parts and 100% solid-state design, the Blighter radar family of products are extremely reliable and robust and require no routine maintenance for five years. The Blighter radar can operate over land and water rapidly searching for intruders as small a crawling person, kayaks and even low flying objects. In its long-range modes the Blighter radar can rapidly scan an area in excess of 3,000 km² to ensure that intruders are detected, identified and intercepted before they reach critical areas.

B400 Series


B202 MK Radar




BlighterView HMI 2

B400 Series Radars

The B400 Series Radars are long-range movement detection sensors for fixed and mobile surveillance applications. Modular construction provides for a selection of azimuth e-scan angles from 90° for a single unit (known as a ‘B402’) up to a full 360° e-scan for four units (known as a ‘B442’). Blighter B400 series radars can detect human intruders at ranges in excess of 10 km and vehicles in excess of 20 km. Key benefits of these radars include: ultra-high reliability, zero-maintenance operation, operation over complex terrain including hills, ability to detect crawlers, very low false-alarm rate, low power consumption and low data communications bandwidth.

B202 MK 2 Radar

The B202 MK 2 Radar is a medium-range movement detection sensor for portable and mobile surveillance applications. The complete integrated radar unit provides an azimuth e-scan angle of 90°, and can detect a human intruder out to 3.3 km and vehicles to 8 km. The Blighter B202 Mk 2 radar is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be backpacked and carried by one man. It is also extremely reliable and robust and can be operated for extended periods from compact batteries or solar-power.


Explorer is an integrated radar and camera system for rapid detection and Identification of intruders in remote areas. Blighter Explorer is a compact, lightweight, low power system enabling rapid deployment from a vehicle. The radar and video images may be viewed either from inside the vehicle (on a vehicle integrated display system) or remotely from the vehicle using a ruggedized laptop and battery-powered, portable video display.

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