High-Performance Cooled Thermal Systems



Hawkeye LR

Hawkeye LR is a compact, high performance, long range surveillance system. It has been designed for use in the harshest environments to provide 24 hour surveillance and threat detection. Hawkeye LR is ideally suited for fixed position, border post surveillance on its own, or can be easily integrated with a radar system to cue to targets. Hawkeye LR is equally at home as a mast mounted, long range, situational awareness system as part of a vehicle convoy protection setup.

What sets Hawkeye LR apart from other long range surveillance systems is its reliability and easy maintainability, but more importantly its high quality sensors. With options for two long range cameras, capable of identifying a man between 2-5km, we are confident we have the configuration you need for the budget you have. The system also boasts a WFOV 36x zoom Piranha TV camera and a cooled TI camera. Options are also available for LRFs and Gyro stabilization.

Hawkeye XR / SRHD

Hawkeye XR/XRHD is a heavy duty, extreme range surveillance system. It has been specifically designed for use in the harshest environments to provide 24 hour long range surveillance. Hawkeye XR/XRHD is ideally suited to most land and coastal surveillance applications, and is easily integrated into a range of leading ground surveillance radar.

What sets Hawkeye XR/XRHD apart from other extreme range surveillance systems is its reliability and easy maintainability. The system boasts a long range, continuous zoom Piranha LRTV, which has a NFOV of 0.22o, and a long range, cooled Horizon thermal image camera (also available in an HD variant) capable of identifying a man sized threat at a range in excess of 6.6km*.


Mamba is a high performance, compact, dual axis platform. It is particularly well suited for Land and Naval applications including manned and unmanned vehicles/vessels and also compound/vessel security.

The rugged but sleek form, along with its simple mounting interfaces, makes Mamba ideal for deployment and operation in the harshest environments, and has an integrated wiper for wet weather conditions.

Its small size also makes it the perfect gimbal for discreet base surveillance monitoring and situational awareness.

Sea Eagle EOSS

Sea Eagle EOSS is an advanced electro-optical surveillance system optimized for automated maritime surveillance on all classes of vessel. The system provides 24 hours passive surveillance and target identification through the use of a thermal imager and daylight TV camera (the system can also be fitted with a low repetition rate laser range finder).

Sea Eagle EOSS has been designed to provide a high level of automated operation, thereby reducing operator work-load and training.

Sea Eagle FCEO

Sea Eagle FCEO is an advanced electro-optical fire control system optimised for the control of naval guns against air, surface and shore targets. Capable of controlling any ‘in-service’ naval gun, the system provides 24 hour long range detection, acquisition, tracking and engagement of air and surface targets through the use of its thermal imager and daylight TV cameras.

Spyder Vista

Spyder Vista provides an ideal solution for infrastructure protection. It is easily positioned and mounted along a perimeter to provide 24-hour panoramic surveillance all year round.

In addition to infrastructure applications, Spyder Vista solves the perplexing problem of which system occupies prime (top) vehicle position: Rotatable Vehicle Platform or Compact Panoramic Sights.

Designed to be easily deployed on top of a vehicle, Spyder Vista allows clear uninterrupted 360° situational awareness at all times. The output image can also be derotated in relation to the vehicle and/or rotatable platform.

Spyder Vista utilises a specially developed motor drive system, which accurately de-rotates the primary platform motion. This maintains the operators display relative to the vehicle orientation at all times.


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