Thermal Radiometric

Radiometric Detection & Thermal Imaging



Tamarisk® 320 Precision Series

DRS Technologies evolves its popular Tamarisk®320 line of micro thermal imagers with the introduction of its Tamarisk® Precision Series for general purpose radiometric detection and imaging. Complete with robust features such as temperature ICE-o-Therms™ for delineating multiple regions with user defined color parameters, dynamic range switching for optimal performance from -40°C to 550°C and adjustable spotmeter for rapid temperature measurement. With innovative detector design and precision calibration Tamarisk® now offers accurate radiometric temperature data coupled with its unparalleled image quality.


  • 320 x 240 pixel resolution with DRS Patented Absorber Microbolometer Superstructure
  • Proprietary temperature ICE-o-Therms™ utilizing Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™)
  • Up to 8 temperature thresholds and user defined color parameters
  • Tamarisk® Tool Box design environment provides flexibility to create unique symbology, icons and graphics
  • SuperFrame mode supports YUV image data and per pixel temperature data

Radio Metric Applications

  • Electrical and Mechanical Test and Measurement
  • Fire Detection
    Dual Purpose: Equipment Monitoring and Perimeter Security
  • Gas Leak Detection and Imaging
  • Process Monitoring and Automation
  • Building Inspection
  • Medical Diagnostics and Screening

Precision Series Documentation & Software

  • Software Interface Control Document
  • Electrical Interface Control Document
  • Precision Series Camera Control Software 1.8.30-EAR
  • Camera Control Software User Guide
  • Sales Brochure

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