The airspace over Riga International Airport has been closed due to a lost and possibly still uncontrolled drone flying in Latvian airspace, Minister of Transport Talis Linkaits (New Conservative Party) announced.

The airport’s spokeswoman Laura Karnite told LETA that because of the closure of the airspace, a flight from the Chinese city of Urumqi to Riga was forced to land at Tallinn Airport.

The Latvian Army has deployed an An-2 biplane and a Mi-17 helicopter to search for the drone. The Civil Aviation Agency also said that two aircraft are participating in the operation, while urging citizens to provide information about the runaway UAV if they see it.

The drone can travel at a speed of about 70kph (44mph), and had enough fuel for 90 hours of flight when it was lost. It is 3.5m wide, 5.5m long, and weighs about 26kg (57.3lb).


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