Anadolu Agency tours state-of-the-art Turkish UAV maker

Turkish defense contractor STM, which produces upgraded unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as “kamikaze drones,” opened the doors of its manufacturing facility for the first time to Anadolu Agency.

STM Defense Technologies Engineering, which offers Kamikaze drones for use by security forces, continues its efforts for more advanced products and exports at the Ostim Technopark facilities in Turkey’s capital Ankara.

A team of engineers at the compound works mainly on tactical and autonomous systems, mainly for the Togan, Alpagu and Kargu models.

The Ostim facility houses the main center for these models — the company’s “autonomous” product line — as well as the infrastructure for their mass manufacturing.

Additional health measures have been taken at the compound to shield employees against the novel coronavirus, with intense work now on orders received for the Autonomous Rotary Wing Attack Drone Kargu, which recently entered the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory.

New Kargu production

STM is now preparing to deliver installments of over 500 Kargu orders in the coming term to be used by the country’s security forces.

The development of the Kargu platform — now in use by the Turkish Armed Forces for roughly a year — has benefited greatly from field use.

Though it has performed well in meeting the needs of the Turkish military, it is continually undergoing improvements towards being perfected in the future.

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Article Courtesy of Anadolu Agency



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