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T-REX makes an entrance into C-UAS

  • Feb 27, 2018
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DSEI 2017: T-REX makes an entrance into C-UAS
13th September 2017 – 02:09 GMT | by Andrew White in London

Orbital ATK has unveiled its Tactical Robotic Exterminator (T-REX) counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) concept at DSEI in London. The T-REX concept, displayed in a scale-model form factor at DSEI inLondon, has been designed for a US Department of Defense (DoD) urgent operational requirement to provide a mobile C-UAS solution integrated on board infantry and armoured fighting vehicles.

Orbital ATK’s T-REX concept comprises the integration of the Liteye mast-mounted C-UAS solution on board a Stryker vehicle with networked M230LF 30mm cannon. Speaking to Shephard, Orbital ATK’s Senior Business Development Manager for Armament Systems, Jeffrey Tipton, described how the T-REX would be demonstrated for the first-time next week in the US with the DoD’s Program Director for Counter-Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (PD C-RAM) expected to announce a contract sometime between January and March next year.

PC C-RAM is understood to be considering the procurement of ten C-UAS systems and with ten accompanying weapon systems for immediate integration and deployment into theatres, providing force protection for coalition troops with options for both kinetic and non-kinetic effectors.

The Liteye C-UAS solution comprises a variant of the Anti UAV Defence System (AUDS) developed by Chess Dynamics, Blighter Surveillance and Enterprise Control Systems. The holistic solution incorporates the Blighter A400 Series Air Security Radar; Hawkeye DS and Electro-Optical Video Tracker; and Directional RF Inhibitor, providing a capability to identify, track and disrupt UAS employed by enemy forces across the battlefield.

‘Our new Liteye C-UAS system is designed to detect, track and defeat UAS engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activity,’ company literature explained. ‘Industry sources explained to Shephard that undisclosed numbers of mast-mounted AUDS systems have already been deployed to the Middle East in support of coalition operations against the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS). This has included mobile solutions mounted on FMTV protected vehicles. However, this latest effort by the DoD will see the C-UAS system mounted on a fighting vehicle for the first time. Additionally, Orbital ATK has started the development of a proximity fuse 30mm round, designed to specifically support C-UAS fire missions, Tipton added. Once networked to the C-UAS, it is envisioned that the 30mm cannon will fire three to five round bursts of fire in order to effectively neutralise target UASs.

Also involved in the development of T-REX is EOS, which is working on the integration of the 30mm cannon remote weapon station towards the front end of the vehicle; as well as Pratt & Miller which has upgraded the suspension system of the Stryker IFV to support carriage of the 1,000lb mast-mounted C-UAS solution, which is fixed to the rear of the vehicle.

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