Kenneth Geyer

Liteye Systems Chief Executive Officer,
Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

As an entrepreneur since 1990, Kenneth Geyer has always focused on defense technology, from virtual reality systems to the rapid proliferation of commercial drones and a need for counter unmanned systems, Mr. Geyer’s focus is to provide advanced products that provide customers with the tools to achieve their goals.  He has successfully launched multiple companies within the Aerospace and military industry over the years primarily focused on cutting-edge technologies and bringing useful and effective products to market.

Mr. Geyer is currently the CEO of Liteye Systems which he Co-Founded in 2000.  He built a strong and profitable core business with military and commercial customers.  As a small business, Liteye has strategically aligned with key partners and continually brings new and cutting-edge solutions to the market. With Counter Unmanned Defense systems deployed with US Air Force and US Army in 8 different countries that defend lives & critical infrastructure from enemy drones.

Liteye Systems started in Colorado 20 years ago with a vision that today has expanded to 80k sq feet of manufacturing space and 50 employees who are mission-driven to develop and produce products that help American warfighters all over the world.  Liteye relies on a simple and effective approach to deliver products quickly that exceed customer expectations and create a level of confidence by those who use our products to defend the United States and the mission they’ve been asked to accomplish.

Creating a company culture where quality is a must and where every level of the organization has a vital role and the ability to take chances, solve problems, and be inspired to deliver a superior product that works. Overall, Mr. Geyer’s visionary driving force is to succeed in solving end-user problems, improve their capabilities and ensure lives and critical infrastructure are protected.