Kenneth Geyer

Liteye Systems Chief Executive Officer,
Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

One of the two original Co-Founders of Liteye back in January 2000, Geyer started his professional life as a stock broker in the late 80’s. Realizing early on that his true interest lay with not trading companies, but in developing them he became an entrepreneur in early 1990. Through the years he has successfully launched eight companies, focusing around cutting edge technologies and bringing them to market. From virtual reality hardware & software to the new frontier of counter unmanned systems, Geyer’s focus has always been on developing, and advancing products that provide end-users with the tools to achieve their goals. Whether those goals are protecting their critical infrastructure or by providing their end-users with a best-in-class training experience utilizing the advanced technologies that Liteye provides, he is always keeping an eye out for technologies that Liteye can either develop or integrate to continuously provide better solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

For the last 18+ years with Liteye, Geyer and his business partner, best friend, and brother, Tom Scott have built not only a profitable strong core business with military and commercial customers, but they have also sought out other technology providers and companies to strategically partner with to bring new and cutting-edge solutions to market. In some cases, it has been a two-way road with Liteye products being added to those partners offerings to their customers. Overall, Geyer’s visionary driving force has always been to succeed in solving end-user problems and improving their capabilities.