Tom Scott

Liteye Systems Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Raised in Santa Fe New Mexico, Tom Scott’s love of the outdoors and ranching kept him focused towards a career in agricultural sciences. Spending most his young life on the large 100,000-acre ranch, the Blanca Trinchera in the San Louis Valley of Southern Colorado, Scott made the decision to go to Colorado State University to Follow his dream. Majoring in Animal Science and a Minor in Ranch Management, he continued to pursued his passion. By the age of 22 he was running his own yearling steers operation and guiding hunters on the Blanca Trinchera, and this where he initially intended to spend the rest if his life but his entrepreneurial spirit pressed on.

In 1987, he also started a Horse Training Boarding facility. While he co-owned this business for 13 years, he became very interested in Aviation and decided to attend Colorado Aero Tech where received his FAA Certified A&P license. But that was not enough as he then went on to learn more, and become an expert in Aircraft Avionics. Having been introduced to the world of high-tech electronics, his love for entrepreneurship now had a new path. In 1994 while sitting on an airplane, Scott read an advertisement for something called a VFX1, a virtual reality head set. Bells, buzzers and light began going off in his head, “this not only cool, you can make money with this.

Having serenditiously met Kenneth Geyer in 1995 during a business trip to Silicon Valley, they immediately hit it off and discoved that they had a shared vision of the future. They began working on new technologies and companies to bring their vision to reality in the market place. After successfully forming an selling off two high-tech companies, they spun off one technology into a newly formed company, Liteye Systems, Inc., where they continued to bring their very first fully developed product to market – a monocular display, commonly known as an HMD (Head Mounted Display). From Navy and Coast Guard helicopter pilots, to special forces, to astronauts on the internaitional space station, Scott and Geyer have not only brought additional generations of the HMD technology to the industry but also have expanded into much broader technology solutions such as thermal covert systems, ground based radar, and now Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS).

From Yearling Steers to helping to keeping the Warfighter safe, life’s many paths has lead Scott to this very exciting point in his life. “Life is good”.