Terrifying Video Of A Suicide Drone Flying Up An Armored Vehicle’s Ramp

The terrifying video serves as yet another warning of America’s glaring short-range air defense gap and the threat that low-end enemy drones pose.

A terrifying video has emerged showing what appears to be a suicide drone attack on a wheeled armored vehicle that is surrounded by personnel. The drone seems to be some rudimentary man-in-the-loop remote controlled setup with a fixed forward-facing video camera and a single front-mounted propeller. It catches the people milling around the center of the compound where the vehicles are congregated by surprise as it makes its dive, literally flying up the rear ramp of the armored vehicle before its video feed ominously cuts out.

One of the topics I have been most passionate about over the years is the threat posed by low-end and now, in many cases, commercially available drones, as well as the Pentagon’s alarming lack of vision when it came to predicting their transformation into weapons. To get up to speed on this issue, take a look at these in-depth pieces of mine linked here and here.


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