It has been alleged that a ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist had been plotting to target an El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid with a drone carrying explosives

An alleged ‘lone wolf’ terrorist planned to target a Barcelona-Real Madrid match with a drone carrying explosives, it has been claimed.

The 33-year-old Moroccan confided his twisted idea to police after his arrest, according to a leading Spanish TV station.

Respected Barcelona-based daily El Periodico, which published more details about his sick ‘drone plan’, said he was forced to ditch the project for a more traditional knife attack on innocent members of the public after football matches were banned because of coronavirus.

It also claimed the out-of-work waiter, held on May 8 and currently languishing in prison, told a Syrian-based Islamic State mentor blamed for helping to radicalise him before his arrest: “One of these days I’ll die. I’m going to be a meat mincing machine. I’m not afraid.”

Police sources quoted by the newspaper said they were working on the theory he was planning to use a knife in an “imminent attack” on people queueing for food outside a supermarket or travelling by tube in Barcelona.





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