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Liteye offers a complete line of thermal imaging products and services. Liteye manufactures a full range of Thermal Imaging products, from fixed short-range Thermal Cameras all the way up to EO Multi-Sensor Systems. Designed for both day/night operations and to survive in the harshest weather and environmental conditions. 

Liteye also produces a line of Integrated Solutions either manufactured by ourselves or integrating 3rd party products. High-performance, Rugged, Multi-sensor Thermal Imaging Camera Systems Thermal Imaging Cameras designed for day and night operations and to survive in the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including continuous saltwater spray or blowing sand and rain, as well as direct sunlight. Compact, Covert, and Rugged Fixed Thermal Imaging Cameras Liteye Thermal cameras come with a wide selection of lenses and a choice of two resolutions. This provides a large selection to choose from for any type of application

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Cooled Thermal Systems

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Thermal Imaging vs Visible Light Video Example

Liteye’s Thermal Imaging Systems make images from heat, not visible light. While Heat and light are both parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, a camera that can detect visible light won’t detect infrared or thermal energy, and vice versa.

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Liteye offers rental and leasing programs. Contact us to discuss solutions right for you.