For Immediate Release: October 3, 2019
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UAS Mitigation at Airports Urgent

Liteye Systems, Inc Response to Blue Ribbon Task Force Report

Liteye Systems Inc. commends the efforts of the Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) on the release of their Final Report on UAS Mitigation at Airports.  Liteye agrees with the BRTF in their recommendation that legislation fund to the Federal Aviation Administration and give authority to engage in Counter-UAS technology. Federal Agencies need to publish a document clearly defining the roles, responsibilities and authorities of local law enforcement agencies.

“We urge stakeholders to work quickly to define the roles and responsibilities.  The urgency to act is now, Counter-UAS technology is available and can safely be implemented at US airports to protect citizens and our most critical infrastructures.” said Kenneth Geyer, CEO and Founder of Liteye Systems, Inc.

Liteye Systems began deploying Counter UAS Systems in 2016 and has thousands of confirmed drone defeats against ISIS, Iran and others.  Gatwick Airport Ltd selected the Anti-UAS Defense System (AUDS) in 2018 as it provides a multi-layered counter-UAS system that can be fully integrated into broader networks or operate as a stand-alone system.  Liteye is the sole provider of the United States version of AUDS, while international variations can be offered through Liteye subcontractors.

About Liteye Systems, Inc. (

Located on the front range of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Liteye Systems, Inc. is a world leader and technology solutions manufacturer and integrator of military and commercial Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS), Drone Sense and Warn Systems, rugged high-resolution head mounted displays (HMD), augmented sights, thermal surveillance systems, convert surveillance systems, electronic warfare packages, radar systems, and fire control software solutions… All our cutting-edge solutions feature revolutionary designs in optics, electronics, ergonomics, and form factors that enable a broad range of military and commercial applications. With offices in the UK and sales affiliates worldwide, Liteye is protecting critical infrastructure from real world threats.

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